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Characters: Edward, the Weyrleaders, Tris. Possibly others.
Rating: TBD
Universe: Parallel Earth, Resources Negligible. Otherwise known as "some people from DL go to Pern and end up weyrlings, among others."
Date: 7th turn of the Second Pass, mid-spring.

Edward was, to say the least, very nervous.

He'd said that he'd find the Weyrleader after the Hatching, and then he'd managed to get lost in the crowd of people, so he'd asked one of the Lower Caverns women where he might find said Weyrleader, and had promptly not found him.

One of the riders had bumped into him and asked shortly why he was wandering around, and once he'd said that the Weyrleader wanted to talk to him, the rider had led him to a side room, told him peremptorially to sit still and wait there, and vanished, presumably to find the Weyrleader.

So Edward waited, not quite at ease enough to pace, and twisted his fingers together tightly enough to turn the skin white.
Characters: ... quite a lot. Lydia, Alec, Morden, Fierch, Dagan, Faolàn, Firefly, Rick, Aludrah, Giuseppe, Torry, Caper, Carlton, Lindsey, Brice, Hesione, Aingeal, Mel, Garet, Jack Armin, Elsa, Fabian, Antonia, Vaughn, Kita, Sidney, JD, Téa, Joelle, Battle ... et cetera.
Rating: TBD
Universe: Parallel Earth, Resources Negligible. Otherwise known as "some people from DL go to Pern and end up weyrlings, among others."
Date: 7th turn of the Second Pass, mid-spring. Or present day, in context.

It was a good thing, really, that Mel had charmed C'dair.Collapse )

Universe #1583.453, aka Abby's Dreams

Characters: Torry, Rick, Fabian, Garet, Will, Troy
Rating: TBD, G for now
Universe: So, one night Abby had a cracked-out dream wherein Fabian Fitzwilliam and Connor Griffen were whooshed into a typical High Fantasy world and rode around on horses, with Connor playing with a sword he had no idea how to use.
Rue was told this, and ran with it. :D?

It was, really, a very pretty country.

Countries unmarred by technology usually were, and this was no exception. It was reminiscent of the United Kingdom; green fields and rolling, gentle slopes that made their way up into craggy mountains, wild forests of deciduous and evergreens mixed in together. As far as the horizon stretched was clear, lush fields, punctuated here and there by dots that marked the farmsteads that owned the cattle, sheep and goats roaming the fields.

Villages were few and far between in this part of the land, and those that were there gathered gossip like springtime flowers. So when Mairi Headman's son Duncan found six strangers and a dog in the fields one morning whilst herding his sheep, all unconscious and wearing the oddest sort of clothing, news spread about the village like wildfire. A group of likely men were dispatched to help bring the strangers into the village and get them settled in the healer's hall, where Lady Daffodil tended them and waited for them to wake.

Traumadoll Mk 1

Characters: A whole lot. Virtually anyone in the Kensington and Chelsea townhouse or those who are friends with the people who live there, at least to start.
Rating: Good question. Currently rated G.
Universe: Traumadoll Mk. 1.
Date: Set at some point Later. Let's say New Year's? Maybe? To start?

New Year's was supposed to be spent in Cairo, it had been explained. Ezra'd been invited along back in October, for that matter, and then they'd all gone to Cairo -- except for Bianca and Derek, as she wasn't willing to leave him and his parole was very explicit in not letting him out of the country.

And, really, Cairo'd been lovely, as far as it went.Collapse )

Universe #4451

Characters: Jack, Claire, all of the Driscolls, Jake, EVERYONE present around 2002.
Rating: NC-17, eventually.
Universe: Jack and Claire meet at the Fourth of June celebrations at Eton after Avery's first year and Jack's final year. Avery is almost thirteen, Jake is his best friend, Frank only knows him by name, Jack is seventeen, and Claire divorced John some time ago (they remain friends, he stays around to take care of the kids often, and life is good for everyone).
Date: Beginning in 2002.

The Fourth of June celebrations were coming to a close and all of the families that had come to visit for the day were growing restless. Or perhaps it was the children growing restless. Claire Driscoll had been holding her six-year-old daughter for about ten minutes, and her ten-year-old son was clutching her shirt and yawning. Avery, her oldest and the Etonian of the current generation, was leaning against her, and Jake, his best friend, was leaning against him.

It was a hot day, a clear day, and everyone was eager for refreshments and to get out of the sun. But it was nice, really, to be with all three of her children for the first time in a year.
Characters: Jack/Claire
Rating: NC-17
Universe: More Clack. Jack is locked up in therapy and Claire pays him a visit.
Date: Present.

Jack was dreaming. He was dreaming about Claire, not because he knew she would visit, but because--he'd dreamt about her a lot lately. Sometimes he'd dream about her in the same nights that his normal ones happened, normal dreams where Avery was a monkey and they had to save the world.

He had slept in his boxers, uncomfortable in the new bed. And in his dream, Claire was only partially dressed, too. Her bra has been abandoned and she lay nestled against him in only panties and a tank top, rucked up about the edges where his arm was around her waist.

Let the dreams begin.Collapse )

Apr. 14th, 2006

Characters: Jack/Claire
Rating: NC-17
Universe: What was once a sexual affair is now a real relationship.
Date: Present day.

He was new. There was a new boy every year, actually, but Kieran Haasbroek was new in every sense of the word. Tall, athletic, dark, barely able to speak English. Older than a few, younger than most. A personality that shown more than the waters after he finished. It was only his first official day, but he had arrived when Claire was on the patio outside, her white bikini covered somewhat modestly by a wrap. He had taken her by surprise at first, then taken her hand and led her into the pool house.

She showed him where the equipment was stored, how it worked. Her words were Afrikaans, but she could not help but wonder if Kieran was even paying attention. His smile was too bright, his eyes too heavy. He was taller, but he leaned on her at times as if he needed the support. Or perhaps he simply wanted to touch her more.

Unsure, Claire smiled back, responding in kind with touches as bold as placing her hand on his shoulder, fingers spread against his skin as he finally peeled off his thin t-shirt and set to work.
Characters: Jack/Claire
Rating: NC-17
Universe: Jack and Claire are having a very sexual affair.
Date: Present day.

In her thirty eight years (eight without any sort of change), Claire had never felt so incredibly wanted. So desirable. She felt almost guilty for thinking it, wanting it, spending a night and a morning with Jack in her bed (and other places). It hasn't as if she had dwelled on being with him, or any other man besides her husband, though their sex was rare, because she hadn't. Not at all. Jack was a lovely boy, almost a son, so dear to her heart because he was dear to her Avery's. She knew he was infatuated by her, felt incredibly pleased and flattered by it, but it was when Jack's fingers touched her sensitive back that everything changed. They crossed a line.

And stayed on the other side.

But for now, with the afternoon warm around them, Jack was with Avery. His rightful place, the place Claire knew he would be for the rest of this life. Jack had opened wounds that had healed, loneliness that she never even knew existed. She had been madly in love with John once. Had three children with him and even wanted more. But he was gone too much by Bess's birth and she was working, too. And everything was fine. Until Avery went to Eton. Their marriage dissolved, they had ugly fights so often that Bess and James spent weekends with friends and didn't want to come home, even with over seventy rooms and dozens of acres to hide in.

When Jack slipped her wedding band off for the first time in seventeen years, so easily it seemed as though it was waiting to be rid of, the world as she knew it had turned itself upside down. And now, in a short, thin, white sundress with a dark bikini underneath (to give her the excuse to tease Jack until their time together came again), she was outside by the pond, watching Bess prepare for a birthday celebration. Soon the only child home would be Avery. But soon he would be asleep. Napping as he always did several times during the day.

Jan. 4th, 2006

Characters: Avery and Jack
Rating: ??
Universe: Avery is pregnant with Jack's child.
Date: Futureverse

Jack was looking for Avery.

It wasn't that Avery was hard to find--he moved slowly, stuck to the rooms with couches or pillows or sweets, and it would take drastic measures to hide him. That didn't take away Jack's pleasure in looking, though. Even if finding Avery was always the best part.

There he was! Jack spotted a pile of pillows with an unusual-looking one tucked up in them. "Are you a pillow?" Jack asked, and slid onto the bed.
They were happy. Their lives were, their futures were. Avery was, and that was important. But he hadn't always been true. Avery had told them his story, all at once as he'd never done before, and even though they were happy now, Jack couldn't stop thinking about the time that Avery hadn't been. When he hadn't been safe or special or properly loved. It was in the past, but Jack still wanted desperately to make that thirteen-year-old Avery happy. He wanted to pull Avery out of that time, wished that he could every time that he thought about it. Even if it didn't change anything, Jack wanted to rescue Avery when Avery was hurting so badly.

And one day he did.


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